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Hello, I’m Jason, your go-to WordPress Guy. Whether it’s building, customising, optimising, maintaining, or managing your WordPress site, I’m here to ensure your online presence is seamless and effective.

My journey with WordPress began in the early 2000s, when the platform was purely for blogging—long before the advent of plugins. This early start has given me a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s evolution and capabilities. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working on various projects, ranging from personal blogs to highly complex websites for large government bodies.

My expertise isn’t just confined to hands-on work; I’m deeply embedded in the WordPress community. I actively contribute to its growth and development as a developer and commentator. This involvement keeps me abreast of the latest trends and technologies, enabling me to offer cutting-edge solutions to my clients.

One of the highlights of my career was serving as an Invited Expert with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for three years. This role allowed me to influence web standards and bring that invaluable experience back to my WordPress projects.

With years of experience and a deep commitment to the WordPress ecosystem, I’m here to support WordPress users and site owners at every level. My goal is to help you expand and enhance your online presence using WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System, and for a good reason!

Let’s work together to make your WordPress site the best it can be.

Feel free to reach out or jump on a 30 minute discovery call to discuss how I can assist with your WordPress needs.

Why Choose The WordPress Guy?


All you need in one place

Meeting all of your WordPress website requirements, The WordPress Guy will professionally cover everything from WordPress updates to digital marketing and SEO support.

Bespoke tailored support

I take the time to get to know you, your business, your goals, and the obstacles you face. I’ll then design a support package to suit your needs and help you overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals.


WordPress expert on hand

A highly skilled WordPress website professional at your service, ready to assist whenever you need me. Experience the benefits of having your very own digital marketing department with The WordPress Guy.

Fast, reliable support

I understand the importance of keeping website downtime to a minimum. I’ll routinely answer your support requests immediately, or within half an hour.

Honest and budget friendly

I operate an easy-to-access, transparent billing structure allowing you to only pay for what you need, and you’re not tied into any long-term contracts or commitments.

WordPress specialist support

Being a WordPress specialist, I excel in my craft. With over 20 years of technical WordPress experience, I’m unrivalled in knowledge and expertise. Trust me to handle all aspects of your WordPress needs with confidence and precision.

Who I work with

Dive into the dynamic world of self-employment or freelancing, where every day is a juggle between innovation, management, and compliance. Amidst this, personal time becomes a luxury.

The WordPress Guy is here to shift the balance. I offer streamlined website management and digital marketing solutions, freeing you to focus on what you do best. I offer more than a service; I’m your dedicated web Manager and marketing ally. Entrust me with your digital needs, and invest in reclaiming your time and driving your business forward. Let’s make your online presence as dynamic and successful as you are.

Small businesses often have a committed and skilled team that works hard to grow the business, maintain high standards, and provide a personal touch that customers appreciate. However, some small businesses may not yet have the resources for dedicated web and digital marketing staff.

That’s where The WordPress Guy comes in. I act as your satellite digital or marketing department, managing your website and digital marketing efforts. My services help you grow your business, connect with customers in new and innovative ways, and embrace the power of digital interaction. All this is offered at cost-effective pricing, in sustainable plans, and with no long-term commitments.

Marketing teams often lack the technical, digital skills to efficiently update and securely manage your website. AThe WordPress Guy specialises in transparently and synchronously managing the technical aspects of running your WordPress site. This allows your marketing experts to focus on ensuring that your website effectively conveys the messages you want to deliver to your audience.

Attention all social influencers and bloggers! Are you tired of the time-consuming tasks and technical difficulties involved in managing your WordPress website?

The WordPress Guy is here to alleviate all your website management burdens! Specialising in top-notch WordPress website management services, allowing you to fully focus on creating exceptional content. With my professional website management, you can expect lightning-fast website speeds, regular off-site backups, and round-the-clock support. Say goodbye to website crashes, downtime, and technical headaches, and trust me to handle it all for you. Invest in your online presence today and let me assist you in optimising your website to its fullest potential. Get in touch now to learn more!

Transform your charity or community organisation with a powerful and professional WordPress website. The WordPress Guy will skilfully handle every aspect of your online presence, ensuring the utmost security, speed, and user-friendliness. Bid farewell to the stress of technical issues, broken links, and sluggish loading pages.

With my comprehensive website management services, you’ll gain more time to focus on what you excel at – making a difference in the lives of others. Whether you require assistance with updates, backups, security, or custom development, my expertise has got you covered. Get in touch today and witness how I can facilitate your online goals effortlessly.